Discount Codes

I am so grateful to be able to share with you a few discount codes to some of my favourite products.

You can purchase from any of the below links/buttons, knowing that I can honestly say, I love all of these products and use/wear them daily.

Up Clothing ~ Discount Code JG15

UP was born from a passionate belief that performance wear should do good everywhere. From empowering our bodies, minds and souls to giving us confidence in our homes, parks and gyms. From supporting traditional skills in communities around the world to safeguarding nature and its resources.

AMP Wellbeing ~ Discount Code Jade15

Our range of beautiful and functional equipment is designed to seamlessly integrate into your home’s interior design, so that you can create a space that inspires and motivates you to prioritize your health and fitness.

Designed by Sports Clothing ~ Discount Code DGJG10

Designed by Sports was established 3 years ago, by Jude and Helen. Both with a background in coaching sport, DBS has been a huge passion for both sisters. As sportswomen, they place a huge emphasis on the performance of their clothing.

Third Eye Yoga Mats ~ Discount Code Pilatesandyogawithjade

Daniel is the founder of Third Eye Yoga. He created Third Eye Yoga as he wanted to merge sacred geometry with high quality yoga products. 

Hunter & Gather Collagen ~ Discount Code JadeGooding

They started Hunter & Gather to create a range of healthy kitchen staples, condiments and supplements all free from refined sugar, grains, and inflammatory seed/veg oils. Making choosing healthier options, easier for you and from a brand that you can trust to source the highest quality ingredients, with your health our number one priority.

HUX Health, Complete Daily Greens Superfood Blend ~ Discount Code Pilatesandyogawithjade20

What does ‘wellness’ mean? And to whom? 

This is a question that inspired the beginning of HUX. The founders, Damien, Fadi & Alistair found that even though they wanted to invest in their health, finding the right supplements —which, when, for how long and so on – was confusing and stressful. They were constantly disappointed by a category that is bland, boring and inaccessible.