If you are looking for more specific stretches have a look at the monthly themed plans. The links are below.

Assisted Wall Stretches – 15m48s
Morning Movement Medicine – 25m21s
Stretching for Cyclists -19m36s
Foam Roller – 19m54s
Hamstring Stretches – 22m33s
Pillow Stretch – 27m21s
Static Stretches – 31m58s
Block Stretches – 23m18s
Morning Stretch – 19m11s
Calf Stretch – 17m19s
Band Stretches – 25m49s
Office Stretch – 11m22s
Dynamic Stretching – 28m22s
Stop and Stretch it Out – 21m15s
Lower Back Love – 18m31s
Pilates Slow and Stretchy – 31m05s
Yoga Deep Stretch – 34m14s