If you would like to follow a Pilates Plan, why not click the link below for February’s themed plan, or May’s Pilates Calendar:

Lower Body Strength – 23m09s
Pilates Fluid Flow – 17m54s
Burn and Tone PIlates – 22m34s
Energising Pilates – 27m16s
Simply Pilates – 28m58s
Waist Workout – 21m37s
Thigh Workout – 19m32s
Lower Abs – 26m45s
Pilates Strength – 31m10s
Everyday Pilates – 32m27s
Ab Workout – 28m59s
Back Care – 25m59s
LBT – 26m53s
Sculpt and Stretch – 29m46s
Morning Pilates – 17m50s