Pilates with Equipment

If you enjoy using the equipment, why not try a recorded live class from a Thursday evening:

Weighted Pilates with firey abs – 30m
Pilates using the wall – 14m 55s
Weighted Pilates with Pockets of Cardio – 18m 33s
Balll & Weight – 20m 29s
Pilates with socks – 16m 55s
Arms – 14m 56s
Pilates with a Tennis ball – 21m 24s
PIlates with a ball – 23m 13s
Foam Roller Pilates – 18m 06s
Double trouble core – 16m 19s
Ball & Band Mash up – 15m 32s
Pilates with a dumbbell – 17m 23s
Weighted Pilates & Barre – 19m 31s
Pilates with a Band – 24m44s
Pilates with a ball – 20m 03s
With a Stability Ball – 19m46s
Hold & Pulse Ball Workout – 17m 43s
Weighted Pilates – 20m40s
Sock Slider – 17m29s
Tricep Workout – 13m31s
Pilates Weighted Workout – 30m29s
Block Workout – 29m54s
Pilates with a Soft Ball – 28m15s