Pilates for Pelvic Floor…




Let me guide you through this six video programme, helping you to feel strong, empowered and confident. Together we will start at the beginning and learn how to contract and relax our pelvic floors. By doing this, we can help to improve any discomfort you maybe experiencing and reduce any symptoms you may be suffering from, due to a weak pelvic floor. 


Please note, I am NOT pre/post natal qualified, so if you are pregnant or in the early stages of motherhood, you are taking these videos at your own risk.

You are advised to visit the ‘Pilates for Pregnancy and beyond section’.

My personal guidance to you, from one mum to the other~ is if you would like to try this plan, please only participate in videos 1-3. If you are in the third trimester, it isn’t recommended for you to lie on your back, so this would be suggested to avoid. 


Once you have completed this programme & are feeling ready to move on, I would recommend trying the ‘Back Care Programme’:






Jade xx