Welcome to your five week winter plan. Each week will include three videos, a Power Yoga, Barre Burner & a Pilates with optional use of weights, I would suggest doing the Power Yoga on Mondays, Barre Burner on Wednesdays and Pilates on Fridays.

I will upload each weeks videos every Sunday ready for the following week. Don’t forget the social media competition and use the tick sheet to help keep you on track. Please help each other and use the members chat area to share progress, let’s go team…..

Week 5…

Monday 29th – Power Yoga
Wednesday 1st – Barre Burner
Friday 3rd – Pilates

Week 4…

Monday 22nd – Power Yoga

Wednesday 24th – Barre Burner
Friday 26th – Pilates

Week 3…

Monday 15th – Power Yoga
Wednesday 17th – Barre Burner
Friday 19th – Pilates

Week 2…

Monday 8th – Power Yoga
Wednesday 10th – Barre Burner
Friday 12th – Pilates

Week 1…

Monday 1st – Power Yoga
Wednesday 3rd – Barre Burner
Friday 5th – Pilates