Month of Movement 2.0

All videos will be available from 6:30am on the day, please let me know how you find this plan, I look forward to joining you on the mat, Jade x

Wake up Yoga – 17m 08s
LBT – 21m
Back to the barre ~ 16m 30s
5 Minute Abs
Twist & Flow Yoga – 20 mins
Yoga for when you feel tired – 25mins
Weighted Pilates to the Beat – 18m
Lower Body Stretch – 15mins
Pilates Party – 17m 30s
Barre Bites – 12m 30s
Dance – 4mins
Moving Meditation – 17m 45s
Soft & Steady Pilates – 14m 49s
Power & Pause Yoga – 20m 35s
Upper Body Stretch – 16m 25s
Pilates Planks – 14m 04s
Barre & Pilates Fusion – 19m 19s
Yoga Balance – 14m 57s
Peaceful Pilates – 19m 12s
Band to the Beat – 12m 09s
Soft & Still Meditation – 14m 19s
Post Run Stretch – 10m
PIlates Circuit – 21m 27s