Pilates & Yoga for Pregnancy and beyond

Your body is beautiful. It’s doing, and has done, miraculous work…

I am really excited to bring you this special area ~ 


Pilates & Yoga for Pregnancy and beyond. 


We have designed this programme to help keep you mobile, not only throughout your pregnancy but also in the early stages of motherhood. 


.( Each video has written underneath, which trimester the video is aimed at. ) 

It is essential that you have spoken to your GP or midwife before participating in any of these sessions. If you are pregnant, please be advised that you should not start any new activity. If you have not practiced yoga or pilates prior to pregnancy you should not start now.

For new mummies, check with your midwife after your 6 week follow up that it is safe for you to return to physical activity. If you have had a C section time scales may be different.

Please keep us posted how you are finding this special area and we would love to hear of your new  arrival. 

We also have a Meditation section that you might find helpful during pregnancy ;


Once you are feeling ready to move on from this area, once you are post partum and have been given the all clear from your gp ~ we would recommend you move onto the ‘Pelvic Floor Pilates Plan”:


Jade, Lou & Debby xx

Pre Natal (Pregnant)

Post Natal (New Mummy)

Movement with Baby