Barre HIIT

A 20 minute HIIT class, combining Barre & Pilates exercises. This workout will not only sculpt & strengthen the whole body, but it will improve your cardiovascular & respiratory system too. No equipment is required, simply yourself and a little determination!

Pilates with a secret spice

Join me for this 20 minute gentle pilates class to increase mobility, flexibility & strength. By adding one cheeky block, or a small pillow, we may add just a tiny extra bit of spice 😉

Barre Sculpt ~ for the whole body

Sculpt, stretch & sparkle, with this whole body Barre class. Using only a chair, we will sculpt & strengthen the entire body through a series of Barre exercises, you may even be able to see my legs shaking on camera 🙊

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Mindful Yoga

A really yummy, slow & gentle yoga practice, working on some soft poses, using the assistance of two blocks if you have them available. Simply take this class having some patience and being kind to yourself.

Yin Yoga, Restorative

When you are feeling a little overwhelmed, or things are simply getting too much ~ slow it all down and bring yourself home. I invite you to switch off and grab this opportunity to crawl inside yourself, stay there a while, be still, be present, be you. 🤎

Weighted Whole Body Pilates

Grab a set of dumbbells and let’s take your pilates class to the next level. (I would recommend using between 1-3kg weights. ) Adding light weights into our pilates practice, is a fantastic way to challenge our core and help improve bone density (brilliant for when moving through the menopause).

Pilates HIIT

In this practice, together we will work on increasing our cardiovascular fitness, whilst improving our respiratory system too, with a combination of Pilates moves and a timer, the outcome is ‘sparkly’!

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Power Yoga Flow

In this 20 minute flow, we will challenge your coordination, strength & flexibility. Step onto the mat today with a positive mindset, “I AM STRONG, POWERFUL & DETERMINED” and then let the practice flow….

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Slow & Gentle Pilates

Some days, active rest days are the best! Simple moving your body in a slow & gentle way, can encourage circulation, reduce any aches & pains and allow our body to feel mobile, even on the calmest of days. I hope you enjoy x